Sunday, May 31, 2015

Wonderful Day~♥

30 May 2015 (Saturday)


FINALLY.. My 1st class! Thank God!
And for the 1st time EVER (while I'm studying in Kaplan), I was actually EARLY!
Wow! *给自己掌声鼓励鼓励!*

继续努力 okay!

But well, the reason is probably because..
Been feeling so panicky ever since I realized that I had already missed TWO classes unknowingly!
I needed to confirm my group by TODAY! Oh no oh no!!
How how how!?

Moreover, I emailed my tutor previously and he didn't reply at all..
Made me wonder.. Did he see my email? Or did  he ignore me purposely?
Is he a nice teacher? Or a fierce one? Argh!

And ever since I realized my mistake, I kept thinking: 
I was wrong!! I will be more careful.. Please give me another chance!
(Haha! So stressed lor!)

Fortunately, my tutor is a nice and funny guy. PHEW!
So ya, my grouping is finally resolved. THANK YOU GOD!!
And guess what? I wasn't the only one who missed the previous 2 classes.. Haha!

See, not my fault! The current group of coordinators are too disorganized!
Anyhow sent us so many emails and so many revised schedules until we get confused!

But oh well.. Everything is resolved so let bygones be bygones~
Gotta focus on my module.. Fighting!

Suddenly I felt so relaxed.. Lalala~


Lunch with the Girls!

Met Sinyee and Seow Ting at I'm Kim after class! 
And it is just 5, 10 minutes walk away from my school.. So convenient!

Love the food here! So nice and it's free flow!

The girls just told me that I could enjoy student rates here by showing my student pass as it's applicable to part-time students too! Wah! I never knew that previously! Hoho, I can come here more often then! Heehee!

Ate until so full!

Always so happy to catch up with the girls!

Too bad Pearlyn can't join us.. Next time bah! :)

See you girls sooooooon! 


My 1st KTV Outing with KTV Singing Club

Headed to Chinatown for the KTV outing..

Memories flooded my mind while I was in the MRT train.
How fast time flies.. Those good old days with the SGC / SB folks!

Lost count of the times that I wanna chicken out.. Haha!
Was tired, was shy, was alone, was not keen.. Whatever excuses.

But I told myself not to avoid anymore. Time to MOVE ON!
Go out and make some new friends!
Stop hiding in my cave!

Well, I'm glad I did! :)

Didn't feel like singing so I didn't sing much.

So happy that I got to know a new friend.. Gin!
A very sweet and cute lady!

I like her almost instantly and we hit it off immediately even though it was the 1st time we met!
People thought we knew each other already.. Keke!

Generally everyone was so nice.. And guess what! 
One of them actually lives just beside me and our mothers know one another! Haha! 
What a small world!

Had a good time with my new friends and I do look forward to seeing them again soon!

Ending the day (and this post) with our group photo! :)

I gotta admit, it feels nostalgic and.. Very nice. :)

Hello society, Pris is back. Haha!

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