Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Happy Birthday Orlene!!

Planned a surprise for her by secretly ordered DOMINO PIZZA!!

Wanted to customize my order but there was no option to add my special request to our order in their website. 
Had to call them up instead!

But alas, they couldn't help much but at least they tried to assist! And they delivered the pizza to us in less than 30 minutes! Whoa, so fast! THANK YOU DOMINO PIZZA!

The special request that I made.. Tada!
Message written on the box: Happy Bday Orlene


At the first instance, Orlene was wondering if the pizza delivery was for her birthday.. But being mischievous (as always), we lied that it was for our client's event! Haha! Then she saw the message on the box and said, "No, it's for me! My name is written there!" 

Birthday Girl (aka Pizza Monster) and her beloved pizzas~~

We were singing the birthday song while she couldn't stop staring at her beloved pizza!
Jokingly teased her, "Who cares about birthday song when there are pizzas.. That's what you were thinking right!!" Haha! She could still giggle and nod her head some more! See, I know her so well.. Heehee!

This silly girl later told me that she was also very touched until she shed one tear! Haha!
But that's what we like about her.. So innocent and sincere. (Although she's not as nice when it comes to food.. Opps! She loves food more.. >.<)

I'm glad I planned this little surprise for her! It didn't take me much effort or money and yet it meant so much to her. 
She was telling me that it's the first time she is away from home on her actual birthday and she was feeling quite blue. The surprise really cheered her up!

Great! :)


Later she insisted on treating me back.. 

And what? Movies too!? And popcorn!?

Movie was awesome! We both enjoyed the show! 


Feeling so thankful to her for treating me to dinner, movies and popcorn! 
And of course, her company too! I guess I need to do some leisure stuff instead of emo-ing at home.
Felt so paiseh because it's her birthday and she ended up spending more money on me instead!

But nevermind, I will just return the favour by planning something special for.. 

So happy for her although we are not surprised at all.. Haha! Aiya, she and her bf are super stable.. As good as married already lor! The only thing missing is the marriage cert, that's all.

Only about half year away!! I need ideas! 


Good to have some things worth rejoicing about.. :)

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