Monday, May 25, 2015

Fluffy's New Cage Is Here!

At last! 

If only the actual color is in this shade of pink.. Heh!
But okay lah, at least it's still pink! 

Exploring her new cage! 

Finally I can sleep in peace tonight!
And I can leave her at home while I go to work without worrying about her constantly!


Was so worried at work and keep wondering if Fluffy's okay at home alone!
Plus so tired as I didn't sleep well!

This morning I had kept the fan on for her.
Pointed it towards my bed since she always prefers my bed over her box.

Rushed home after work and braced myself before opening my room door..
Fearing the worst. (Just in case, haha!)

And there she was.
Lying like a royal princess on my bed and right in front of the fan!
Haha, thank God that she's a smart bunny! 
(Didn't have the chance to snap a photo though! Haha!) 

Fortunately, I don't have to worry like anymore because I finally found a nice cage for her!

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