Monday, May 25, 2015


In the end, I couldn't sleep until it was around 3am..
Even though I was so tired! 
I guess I didn't feel secure about leaving Fluffy on her own..
So worried that she may hurt herself! 

Finally dozed off..
Still remembered that the last sight I saw was Fluffy sleeping just beside my pillow.

Woke up at 4am plus!
First thing I did was to search for Fluffy on my bed..
And she wasn't there!

Got up to switch on the lights..
Guess what?
Found her sitting by the window and looking outside.
Hmm.. I wonder what is she looking at?

She's so funny lah!
After I switched on the lights, she hopped back to my side and pretended to be sleepy!

Thought she was really sleepy..
But after I switched off the light, she went back to her initial place by the window again!

Hope I can still see her around in one piece later..
Yes, and alive! Haha!

So tired.. Heading back to sleep!

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