Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Destined (Little) One!

Warning: Contains many photos and videos!
You have been warned.. Okay, read on if you want! ;)

Some were surprised that I "suddenly" got a rabbit.
Well, I was surprised too! Even though I've been searching for ages!

How did it happen??

22 May 2015

Finding Rabbit

Well.. As usual, I was browsing through online advertisements AGAIN.. 
 Keywords for search: Holland lop adoption Singapore
Lost count of the times I'd done this.

Been disappointed for so many times until I wasn't even expecting anything.. :(

But then I SAW THIS!!

Wow wow wow!! Really??


Quickly msged the person, fearing that the rabbit has already been adopted..
She said someone has indicated interest..
Was kinda disappointed and thinking, "Not again.. SIGH."
And then she added that she will let me have the rabbit if I can confirm with her now! 


Supposed to collect the rabbit from her on the following night (aka today).
(Felt so long!)

Before then, I kept wondering if there'll be any changes.
What if she changes her mind and gave it to someone else?
What if the rabbit is nothing like the photo in real life?


23 May 2015

Went to the Pet Lover's Centre to buy some basic necessities for the rabbit.
Didn't dare to buy so much in case I don't get the rabbit in the end!
(Too traumatized after the previous incident!)

Our 1st Meeting

Finally it was time to fetch my rabbit!

On my way with an empty carrier..

(Sooooooo excited!!!)

By then, I still didn't know what was the gender of the rabbit.
But based on my past experiences of raising rabbits, I guess it was a girl!
Was I right? Heehee! Read on to find out!
What's your guess?

Waiting waiting.. Will they really come??

THEY DID! Well, I was excited and happy.. 

But having pets myself, I understand that it's not easy to part with a pet (or pet's baby)..
And I kinda felt a tinge of sadness while the lady said goodbye to the rabbit.
At the moment, I felt I have another new reason to care for this little one.
If I were her, I would want the baby to go to a good home too!
And let's face the reality, we can't possibly keep all our pets' babies! :(

She's a very nice lady indeed!
Prepared some food to last for a couple of days just in case I haven't bought the food yet.
Also gave me a lot of advice and tips on caring for the rabbit!

Love At 1st Sight

At last! Hello Rabbit, nice to meet you! 

She's so cute.. I couldn't (actually, still can't) believe that she's mine!
But she also looked scared.. Makes me want to protect her even more.
And I will! :)

1st Challenge.. Not Allowed on the Bus! 

Previously checked online and someone said that Transit Link mentioned that pets are allowed on board. 
So SBS should be okay too right? 

NO.. Was asked to get down. 

Asked the lady via whatasapp and she said we need to be discreet.
Sigh. Why cannot? Even if pet is quiet (no sounds at all) and kept in a carrier at all times?
Hope to see improvements in this area.. (Elections coming eh? Take note please.. Haha!)

Finally reached home and it was time for.. 

1st Meeting between Cookie & Rabbit

Seriously I think Cookie thinks that's her baby.. Haha!

Cookie was overly excited until I didn't dare to let them get nearer..
Worried that the new rabbit would feel too stressed!

Put the rabbit in the temporary 'room' first.. 

So sorry, I will get you a nice cage soon!

Was so relieved when the rabbit finally started eating! Phew!

Was glad to see that the rabbit was lying in this manner which symbolizes "I'm happy".

Goodnight Rabbit! :)

Is it a Girl or Boy?

And the answer is.. Girl! 
So did you guess it correctly? Heehee!

(Updated: Opps, Fluffy turned out to be a BOY! :O)

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