Sunday, May 24, 2015

Happy happy~♥

Was asking Cnet for some advice on rabbit cages since he used to work at Pet Lovers' Centre.
He was so helpful that he actually called me instead.
And Sakura was beside him, asking and advising as well. Keke!
I guess all animal lovers are very enthusiastic when it comes to animals!
Thank you guys!


Left Fluffy at home and went to the petshop on my own.

Normally I'll be looking at the pets in the shop and think, "Aww.. So cute!"
But not today.
Because I have a super cute bunny and her name is Fluffy! 

Bought her a little ball which can be opened up to hide treats or hay inside.
Plus some alfalfa hay cubes as advised by Cnet!


Got a shock when I went home and didn't see Fluffy in her box! OMG!
Frantically searched for her on the floor but she was nowhere in sight!
Was so worried that she may be hurt or crushed somewhere!
After a while, she finally appeared out of nowhere.. On my bed!

Whoa, how did she get there?
Anyway I'm just glad that she's okay! Haha!

Fluffy and her new toy!


My recent Instagram posts are about Fluffy! Haha!


I think I spoiled Fluffy already. 

Unlike yesterday, she refused to sleep inside her temporary box!
Leaped from her box (on the floor) and onto my lap (I was sitting on my bed)!
Aww.. So sweet!

Let her roam and hop around my bed freely..
But suddenly she went all quiet.

Went to search for her and found her like this! Aww.. So cute!

I guess she'll be sleeping on my bed tonight! Haha!

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