Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Obsessed Owner.. Haha!

Went Daiso and bought some (pink) stuff for Fluffy! Weeeeee~

1. Sakura-shaped bowl for her pellets (I love this!)
2. Brush with small dustpan for cleaning her cage
3. Detachable tray to put some of her miscellaneous stuff

Been wondering what clothes can she wear because she's so small!

So I bought these! Cute on her right?

These are actually scrunchies used for tying up the hair lah!
But they look nice on Fluffy, isn't it? :) 

Just a random shot.. Heh!

Love this moment because Fluffy happened to nudge my face with her little nose! 

So tired after a long day.. So goodnight to all! 

Last but not least, here's ending my post with another random photo.. Haha!

Just a quick confession before I end this post.. I sucked in my tummy to look slimmer! Haha!
(Of course I didnt wear like that out.. 
Haha! I took out my over-sized top because it was sooo warm!)

Okay, tata! Sweet dreams ya!

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