Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Belated Birthday Celebration for Shuqi

Finally met up with my dearest Animal Buddies again after so long!!

Had dinner at Morganfield's (Suntec)!

Nice ambience (with delightful aroma that made us hungrier than we already were!)

At last.. Food was served!!


Our Appetizer 
Chilli Cheese Fries French Fries baked with cheese & topped with pork bacon bits. 
Served with Chilli Concarne.
So yummy! Definitely a must-try for fries lovers! 
(I must bring Orlene the Fries Monster here to try this too!)

The Main Dishes 
Hickory BBQ Spare Ribs
Garlic BBQ Spare Ribs

Best pork ribs that I've ever eaten! 
Meat was so tender and the bones were so easily separated from the meat.. 
We didn't even have to cut, we merely pulled out the bones.. Splendid!

(Extracted from my Snapchat.)
As usual, Chun Cheung will always cut the food for us. So gentlemanly right?
(Don't say I never praise you ah! Haha!)

Seriously I feel so blessed and pampered because both of them always take care of me whenever we are together! :)

Lava Cake

(Extracted from my Snapchat as well.. Haha!)
LOL-ed at their conversation!

So.. Does the lava cake look more tempting now? Muahaha!

I know I've said this many times but indeed, I feel so blessed to have this 2 animal buddies!
Knowing them is definitely one of the best things I ever did in my whole life!

Love them so much!

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