Sunday, May 10, 2015

Away at Malacca

Was wondering.. What if he wanted to find me but couldn't because I am not in Singapore?
Ha. Thinking crazy thoughts again.

Wondered if he did visit me.. What would I say? Knowing myself, I would prolly just cry and unable to talk much.

Anyway, I guess the trip came at the right time. Really helped to take my mind off him for a while. 
(Will blog about the trip later!)


Happened to see this and decided to get some for Auntie. 
Lovely scent! I always love lavender!

Then I saw this and thought of him again..

If only I knew about it earlier.. I would have asked my colleagues for advice! 
Both are nutritionists. One is a future sinseh and the other one is an ex nurse.

If only I knew about the things I only know now.. I would give him all the love that I've hidden deep inside my heart and be constantly there to fight the cancer with him. Not expecting anything in return.


Kept telling myself not to blame myself. He didn't want me to know. I did ask Poh about his condition a few months back but he acted blur and refused to say more. Obviously I am not supposed to be told.. Okay, I respected his decision. And I assumed that he was okay. Maybe THAT was my mistake.

Perhaps we were destined to end up like this. 接受吧!

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