Monday, June 1, 2015

I love Bonus!

Honestly I am never good in managing my finances.

Previously I had been fretting about the unexpected (and rather alarming) amount of money that I needed to fork out within short notice.. Was so stressed and depressed!

Fortunately, things turned out fine. Thank God!
(Well.. Perhaps I worried unduly because I wasn't aware of the solutions available. Heh!)

And I finally received the last installment for last year's bonus!

So happy that I still had a bit of money left after deducting the lump sum that I need to pay my sis for my dad's expenses (she forked out the money first).. Woohoo! Feels so darn good to repay another big debt! 
(And still have some spare cash in my bank account!)

Shall save up the rest for:
- My studies; or
- Any urgent and unexpected expenses required

But nonetheless, I splurged a little on a gift for myself.. Haha!
Not expensive lah.. About $30 only!
Waiting for it to be delivered! Guess what it is? Heehee!


Currently my only debt would be my studies loan. Should be done repaying in a year or 2.
So looking forward to it! :)
Then I'll have more money to save up each month!
(Hope I don't have any new expenses by then!)

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