Thursday, May 28, 2015

Where Is My Voice~~~

Finally! I am going to sing karaoke this weekend!
BOTH Saturday and Sunday, in fact! Although I didn't arrange for that deliberately.

Was casually singing some of the songs that I used to sing.. 
And I realized that I couldn't hit the high notes!!
What?! *Cries*

1 word to describe my high notes: CUI!
(Must be my retribution for criticizing people's singing last time.. Haha!)

See lah, too long never go ktv until my vocal cords are really 'rusty' liao! SIGH!!
My vocal range has become so much more narrow now!


Started doing some vocal exercises from what I still remembered from my choir days..
(Erm.. That's more than 10 years ago.. >.<)

Decided to search for some help from Youtube and I found some good ones! 
Embedding is disabled so here's the link instead: Cari Cole

Didn't expect to see results immediately..
But thank God, my voice was a weeny bit better after half hour of vocal training.
(Or perhaps my voice sounded better after the warm up.)

Sure hope my vocal training and singing don't disturb anyone!
Was trying not to do it too loudly.. Haha!

I miss the good old days when I hit high notes with ease!
I also had better control with my vocals!
It's like, I could control every single word to sound the way I want it to be.
(Within my means, of course lah! Haha! My singing was okay only. Not that fantastic.)

But now ah.. 
I can't even control my vocals properly.
音 anyhow 跑 sia!
And the 音色.. Sigh. Become 褪色 liao lah!

That kinda feeling when you wanna sing it with all you've got but you are restricted!


Nonetheless, I'm still excited for the upcoming karaoke sessions! 
Just don't sing those difficult songs lor.. Haha! 
Relax relax sing can liao lah!

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