Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Fluffy's Room.. Upgraded! ♥

Finally went to buy a litter pan for Fluffy last Sunday!
My only regret? Why did I buy it earlier!!
Also bought a new food bowl and dry bath shampoo for her~:)

Washed her cage thoroughly and fixed her new "furniture"!


The Food Bowl

$9+ food bowl can be comparable to the $2 food tray.. Haha!
This time she can't purposely overturn the bowl anymore! Muahaha!

Previously: $2 metal tray from Daiso


The Toilet

Wondered if she would know how to use the toilet.. So I kept nagging at her! Haha!
Checked on her after a few hours and..

WOW, she really used it!!!

Felt so good to see the cage so neat even a few hours later! ♥

See, it used to be so messy!

Feels strangely satisfying whenever I see her upgraded room now! 

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