Sunday, July 26, 2015

Girls' Day Out!

Steffi and Leroy were out so I only brought Stacci out~
 (Baby Louie is still too young.. Sorry!) 

1st stop.. ICE CREAM at Swensens!

LOL, she got annoyed after I bluffed her that the plain water was her apple juice.

Her reaction when I bluffed her for the 1st time was funnier!
(Unfortunately I didn't film it!)

Me: Here's your apple juice.
Her: *Took 1 sip, glared at me* THIS.IS.NOT.APPLE.JUICE!!!
Me: Hahahaha! 

Cannot waste a single bit of whipped cream!

But then she had a stomachache so she suddenly didn't feel like eating ice cream anymore..
What..?? *Slaps forehead..*

Next activity: Riding! :)

Quite ex. $10 for 3 rides. Each ride is only 5 minutes! But it's really fun so we probably will be back!

Last activity before heading home.. Arts & Craft!

I think I am getting good at this.. After helping the kids to do it a few times! LOL!

It's been really fun day! Enjoyed it so much!
Hope to do it with her (and the others) again soon! ;)

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