Monday, July 6, 2015

Resuming My Spiritual Journey ♥

..After so long!

Since I'm on a journey, I went to find some "companions"!



Previously I mentioned that Shuqi and I are keen to join the Animal Communication Course in my earlier post.

Emailed the course provider but there was no reply though.
Guess I can only do some research on my own for now!

Read somewhere that Mookaite Jasper aids in communicating with animals!! 
So I quickly went eBay, browsed through so many ads for hours..
Finally saw something that I like and ordered 2 of these for Shuqi and me!


Yes, a bracelet made from Mookaite crystals!

So pretty! ♥♥

Was pleasantly surprised that the seller's actions were so fast!

Within 24 hours of making payment online, I received this email:

Yeah! Can hardly wait!!


Bought the bracelets mainly to aid communication with animals.

Was pleasantly surprised that they have many more properties (well, if you believe!) as below:


Mookaite is an Australian aboriginal healing stone that bestows strength. It helps with the healing of wounds and with regeneration. Useful in stabilising health and in fortifying the immune system, Mookaite also purifies the blood in the liver and the spleen and can help with the glands in general, the stomach, water retention and with hernias. 

 Mental / Emotional 

Mookaite encourages within us, the desire for variety and new experiences. It can make us more flexible in our thinking and enhances our decision making. It also helps us to recognise that there could be several possibilities for the outcome of any issue. It also helps us to choose the best solution to that issue. Mookaite helps us to embrace and celebrate new circumstances and helps us when dealing with negative situations. Mookaite helps us to be kind to others, and also, quite importantly, helps us to be kind to ourselves too. It is a very protective stone, and is particularly good as an emotional protector. 


Mookaite helps us to realise that meditation may be possible during any activity. It is also said to stimulate contact with loved ones who have passed over and helps us to better communicate with animals..


Clear Quartz & the 7 Stones

Earlier on, I started to listen to the morning and evening tracks for clearing chakras.
(Just to spiritually prepare myself for the Animal Communication Course.. Haha!)

Was searching for the Mookaite when I decided to get something that is related to chakras! 

Was searching and searching with something vague in mind,,
It's like.. I couldn't figure out what exactly I wanted. But yet I knew what I want.
As I browsed through various stones and different designs, it got clearer.

"Not this. Not that."
"Natural stones representing each chakra."
"Clear Quartz."

AND I actually found something that matches what what I (vaguely) wanted!!

Tada! This IS perfect. Just what I wanted!!

The seller of the Mookaite bracelets was faster and this seller was super fast!
Very impressed indeed!

 I actually ordered this AFTER I had ordered the Mookaite bracelets.. 
But I received the order updates for this item first!

Wondering when I can receive it? So eager to have it!


Benefits of each type of crystal used: 

 Red Jasper
Is the supreme nurturer and encourages spiritual development at a gentle rate. 
Can also help alleviate stress. 

Orange Jade 
Brings joy and teaches the interconnectedness of all beings. 
It is energetic and quietly stimulating. 

Yellow Jade
Is thought to be a very lucky crystal. 
Energetic and stimulating, brings joy and happiness. 

 Green Aventurine 
A grounding stone with a powerful multilevel cleansing effect, agate stabilises energy. 

 Blue Aventurine
A good all round healer. 
Is said to be a good choice for migraines and for soothing the eyes. 
It is thought to help poor circulation. 

Lapis Lazuli
Is a blue healing crystal that promotes psychic ability. 
A bonding stone in love and friendship. 

Is a violet crystal which helps develop your psychic abilities. 
It is known as one of the master healers. 

Clear Quartz
Also a master healer and can be used for most purposes. 
Native Americans called this the 'brain cells of Mother Earth'. 

Extra Info from the Seller:

"I will send your crystal pendant to you already charged with healing Reiki energy. When you receive your pendant you need to hold it in your hands, picture light surrounding it and state your intention for it; ie what you want it to do for you, for example is it to attract love, to heal a condition or for protection against negative energy etc. Wear your pendant as much as possible, or keep it near to allow you to benefit from its vibrations and energies."

Super love this seller! Maybe will buy more stuff from him / her in future!



I need to clear the clutter from my room and make it come alive with loads of positive energies!!

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