Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sundown Marathon 2015

Well.. But I only went for 10km and not the marathon though! Heehee!

Getting ready to head for The Event!

While I was on my way to meet the rest of the FHI folks, I saw many others who are dressed in the same event tops! 
Felt so good to see so many fellow runners.. Even though we didn't know one another! Lots of friendly smiles everywhere! Loves how sport events can unite people! :)

Brought along my PINK lightsstick! Weeeeee~

Ooooh.. Starting soon! Love the atmosphere! So excited to run! 


We were still at the starting point, queuing for our turn to flag off..
Aiyo.. We sianz-ed half already. T.T

But I guess they had to do that to avoid over-crowding..

After about 15, 20 minutes later..

Finally we could GO! AT LAST!! Chiong ah!! 

And 1 hour plus later.. We completed the run! Yay! 


Surprisingly, the run didn't seem that tedious as compared to the Great Eastern Women's Run that I ran 2 years ago. Maybe because this was done at night bah! Plus the night scenery was really beautiful!! Quite enjoyable, in fact! 
(Phern said maybe it's also because I'm fitter than I used to be. Oh yeah!)

But alas.. Halfway through, I began to experience cramps.. (Thanks to my "auntie" lah.. Of all days!! Sob sob!)

Nonetheless.. I feel glad that I managed to complete it despite the cramps!
Just kinda disappointed that my timing won't be better than my previous one.

Would be good if my timing is improved.. 
But well, I guess it's more important that I didn't give up and kept going despite the difficulties!

Saw some who were fatter, older than me.. And yet, they kept going on!
Well done!, everyone! Very inspiring indeed! :)

PERHAPS I should make it a habit to run once a week again. At least 2.4km?
Let me think about it. Haha!
Gotta buy a new pair of running shoes though! My current pair is quite worn out and I got blisters now. >.<

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