Sunday, July 12, 2015

Today is an Active Day!

If only I can continue to be so hardworking always.. Haha!


Today's schedule!

8.30am - 9.30am at TPY Park!

This is a beginner class. (Or maybe Zumba Gold?)
Moves are easy to catch.. 
But after a while I kinda felt bored because the moves were rather repetitive.

Love the Body Combat part!
(Miss it so much! But I can't find any Body Combat classes from ActiveSG!)

Exercise is a lot more awesome-r when doing it with friends! :)


Went home to bath, rest briefly and had a light lunch before I headed outta house again for..

12 noon - 1pm at Bishan!

Ooh, I miss it so much!!

Today a participant took the initiative to buddy up with me as she thought I was new to KpopX and all alone. Aww.. So sweet of her! 

At the start of the class, Alvin (the instructor) saw me and said aloud, "Oh, you are here today!"
Then everyone turned to look at me! Paiseh sia! Hahaha! But I also felt somewhat flattered that Alvin noticed and publicly acknowledged my existence though! #CheapThrill #暗爽 Haha!

Wore a cap because I was lazy to style my fringe. And.. I can't figure out whether I am more confident to wear a cap in class because of KpopX or I am more confident in doing KpopX because I wore a cap..?

In the past I didn't dare to wear my cap in class because I didn't want to risk attracting any attention. Opps! 

Now? Wanna see me then see lor.. Muahaha!

Was happy that the older songs were chosen. Ah, fond memories and I still remember some of the moves. So nostalgic!

After the class..

Cap was soaked with sweat!

Clothes too but I shall not post them here.. Lol!

Ah~ Feels so good to sweat and burn!!


After KpopX Fitness class, I went to AMK Hub~

FINALLY remembered to buy DUMBBELLS! YAY!!

PINK! ♥♥

No more excuse for me to do NOTHING for my arms now! Intending to use them everyday!

Slimmer arms, wait for me!! ;)

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