Monday, July 13, 2015

The Life Journey of an Animal Communicator by Rosina Maria

After thinking for a long time.. I still couldn't resist ordering this book!!
I guess I couldn't wait until the class starts.. Heh! 
Especially since there is NO date at all. Don't know when will there be a next class. 
(No reply from the school either..)

Can't wait to read the book!
If it's good, I'll buy another copy for Shuqi! :)

Love this website: Book Depository

The books sold here are much cheaper than the ones sold in Amazon and other online websites.
No minimum purchase too!


For example, for this book.. If I buy in Amazon, I need to pay around SGD 30+.
Need to incur a minimum amount of USD 35 for free delivery.. 
And free delivery is within US only!

(Sorry Amazon! Maybe the other items sold there are not so expensive. Heehee!)

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