Friday, July 17, 2015

Happy Times with the Little Ones! ♥♥♥

Went over to Sis's house and Stacci came running to me with open arms and said.. 

Her: Ah Mai! 我很想你! 我很爱你!
Me: Wah 阿妹, 你的嘴巴很甜!
Her: Ah Mai, 为什么你说我的嘴巴甜, 你要吃我的嘴巴啊?
Me: ^_^" (But still very sweetified lah!)

Wanted to bring Stacci out to buy lunch.. But surprisingly, this time Steffi and Leroy wanted to tag along too!
(Actually baby Louie also wanted to come but auntie pulled him back. LOL!)

At the MacDonalds' with the Little Ones! 

Stacci was so happy because the Happy Meal toy is her favorite MONKEY! Haha!

Not long after reaching there, Stacci said she wanna pee. 
Brought her to the toilet.
And right after she finished eating..
She wanted to to poop.
Oh my! KIDS.. >.<


In the toilet..

Me: *Acts like I want to faint* Urgh, 阿妹我要晕倒了..
Her: 真的啊?
Me: 骗你的啦! (Actually it was really smelly.. Haha!)
Her: *Looks at me seriously* 你要我哭啊?
Me: ^_^"

After Stacci was done, I brought her back to our seat.. 
Then Leroy said he also wanted to go to the toilet. 
Oh my! I had to go to the toilet.. again..


Afterwards, the kids wanted to play at my house.

It was super hot and I was so sweaty!
Wanted to take a bath but I ended up bathing the kids instead.. Haha!

Finally I could let Stacci try this shower cap!

$2 from Daiso.

Stacci used to be so fearful of water flowing down her face when bathing.
But she's grown up already so she's not scared anymore!

Nonetheless, the kids had fun with the shower cap.. Haha!


Wanted to go down to 7-Eleven to buy Slurpee ALONE because I would be faster..
But of course, the kids won't allow me to go alone! Haha!
They "promised" that they would be fast..
Of course that DIDN'T happen.. LOL! *Slaps forehead*

As usual, we raced one another to the 7-Eleven.
I "lost" again, of course! Haha! :)


Time flew by when I was hanging out with the kids!
Love their laughter and giggles~
(Good workout too! Haha!)

Dozed off in exhaustion after I finally sent them back to their own home.

I am really old liao lah! 
And the kids grow up so fast!

Can they stay cute always? Haha!

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