Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Review: Palmer’s White & Even Dark Spot Corrector

Seriously, I can't believe my luck!! Woohoo!
Received 2 products to review and they are exactly what I need!!

Can't stop smiling to myself while I'm blogging this..

Sneak Preview!


The Product

There's actually another one but I'll blog about it tomorrow.. Stay tuned!
For now I will share more about..

Palmer’s White & Even Dark Spot Corrector

Just a side note: Fluffy is forever so curious to see what I'm doing.. Haha!


More Info about the Products

When used daily, the advanced blend of ingredients in Palmer’s Eventone products, works in two ways: 

• Lightens surface skin cells producing more uniform skin tone within 3-5 days 
• Acts on the deeper skin layers to inhibit over-production of melanin. 
(Even skin tone develops as skin cells rise to the surface. 4-6 weeks, depending on age, health, and exposure to sun.)

Wow, really?? I wish I don't have to pile on layers and layers of concealer and BB creams just to make my skin tone look even anymore! *Feeling hopeful!*

Oh wait! 

And check out some of the ingredients used: 

Cocoa Butter - Smooths marks and scars
Licorice Extract - Improves tone and texture
Niacinamide - Targets unwanted discoloration
Soy - Restores luminosity
Synovea - Lightens age spots
Vitamin C - Natural skin brightener



About My Face

Before I start with the review, let me share a bit more on myself.. Or rather, my face.
(Which will explain why I'm so excited to try out the product.. Haha!)

I am blessed with good complexion.. Thank God!
But still, no one is perfect.. Looks will deteriorate with the passing of time.. 
And of course I am no exception!

See what I mean?

Photo taken right after shower. (Totally no makeup and no editing!)
(Geez, why do I look so sad and haggard up close!)

The Problems:
1. Uneven skin tone (worsened by prolonged wearing of spectacles)
2. DARK CIRCLES (I think I'm practically born with them!)
3. Dull complexion!

Haven't been able to find any good products to resolve these..
Hence.. BB / CC Creams (and photo editing apps) have been my best friends.. >.<

So.. Will this product be my new best friend?
Hur hur.. We shall see! ;)

Using The Product

I'm not Sonia but still.. 

I couldn't resist creating my own "commercial".. Haha!

Self-proclaimed Meipai "model".. Opps!

My Verdict

I gotta admit, I am beginning to feel a weeny bit bias towards Palmer's products.. Haha!

This is the 3rd product that I've tried.. 
And I must say they really put a lot of thoughts and efforts, be it from the packaging, texture, absorption, scent and of course, the contents of the product itself!

As usual, the packaging makes it easy for me to keep it, use it and even bring it around.
I also love the soothing, relaxing scent.. Helps to lure me into dreamland since I have the habit of applying my facial products just before going to sleep. The texture is light enough and gets absorbed into my skin pretty fast too! 

Results wise, I honestly can't tell much from just one application.
According to them, it takes about 4 weeks to see visible overall results!
Will continue to use and hope to share good news.. And a prettier face to you all!

Where To Buy It

Available at Watsons, Guardian, BHG, Robinsons, John Little, Essentials Pharmacy, Nishino Pharmacy, all leading pharmacies, departmental and cosmetics stores.

Retail Price: SGD 29.90 for 30ml

Grab yours now!


P/S: I also had the chance to try out some other Palmer’s products. If you are interested, you can read my reviews!

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