Saturday, June 6, 2015

Rainy Saturday ♥

Wanted to go Mac to eat my brunch and do my assignment when it started to rain heavily!

Decided to cook my own brunch instead. 
(Yay, time for healthy brown rice! Been a while since I last had it.)

Waited and waited but the rain didn't show signs of stopping any time soon.
Not that I minded.. Haha!
Love the coolness of the air, thanks to the heavy rain! 
BEST weather for sleeping.. Woohoo!

Tried working on my essay but failed! Hahaha! I really tried..
I was feeling way too relaxed until I was struggling to keep my eyes open..

Looked at Fluffy and caught her dozing off.. Aww, cute max! 

Seeing her like that, I made a decision..

..Okay, assignment can wait.

*Headed for my wonderful dreamland blissfully*  
Life is perfect.. Haha!


Woke up in the evening.
Okay! Time to do my assignment!
Fighting! 加油!

I guess I can really use this excuse: My bunny ate my homework.. Haha!

Hope to finish my assignment by this weekend!
Deadline is next Tuesday!
Wish me luck! :)

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