Sunday, June 7, 2015

Happy Birthday to Le Cnet!

Life is always interesting, thanks to the interesting friends we have!

One of them would be David, fondly known as Cnet from the good, old forum days.
He is also our 9gag / meme teacher! Haha!

Specially designed this to wish him a happy birthday.. Trollolol! :D

And his response..? 


Ah, I miss the good, old days!

The day Cnet taught us how to 9gag and use meme! 
(In the bus heading to JB!)

Oh wow, I used to look quite cute eh? Heehee! Eh.. 3, 4 years ago?

Hope to meet up with the old forum folks again soon! :)


  1. I miss the old days too! Trips to jb soon please!

    1. Haha! Yesss!! By the way, the girls (Elise, Rae, Jo) and I are going to JB on 3 Oct. You wanna join us? :D

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