Thursday, June 11, 2015

Singapore Comedy Fringe 2015

Elise got some FREE tickets (again!) and asked if I wanna go and watch them with her..


Photos stolen from Elise's Facebook

Was a bit late and Elise wasn't annoyed at all.
She even asked if I need her to buy anything for me in case I get hungry!
So sweet of her, right!! 

I managed to reach not too late and had just enough time to wolf down a slice of pizza. Yum yum! Haha!

Seated and excitedly waiting for the show to start!

Love the Malaysian comedians!

So cute of them! 

(I am quite slow.. Haha! AFTER the show, I realized the last performer was Harith Iskandar!
I really love his Singapore-Malaysia jokes!)

(Feeling so lucky to have a chance to watch him perform 'live'!)

- Break time -

Back again for 2nd round, this time by comedians from India.

Haha, we were seated behind this guy who attended EVERY show in the front seats!

But he wasn't sitting in the front seat in this one.
And he left halfway.
(Maybe that was a hint that the performance isn't as good as the other. Opps!)

Personally I prefer the 1st show. 

Didn't understand most of the jokes in the 2nd one even though Indians sitting around us kept laughing. 
Different culture, I guess.

I even felt sad and depressed for the ladies when one of the Indian comedians joked about marriage sex. "..And the next morning you still have to get up and make a sandwich for your rapist."

People actually laughed at that. Very loudly.
Funny meh??

Nonetheless, I had a good time! Really love 'live' shows like these!

Once again, many thanks to Elise for the tickets!! 

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