Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Power of Makeup! ♥

Just came across this video and WOW!
She is awesome!

I also look drastically different with and without makeup.
In fact, I look different with different types of makeup styles.
Which makes makeup even more fun! Haha!

And I must say, putting on makeup gives me A LOT more confidence. :)

Some may argue that it's not good to rely on makeup to feel more confidence..
Putting on makeup is fake.. 

But is it really..?

To me, it's no difference from wearing clothes that are washed and ironed nicely.
Or clothes that are appropriate for the special occasion.
For example, if we usually wear t-shirts and shorts on normal days..
We are 'fake' if we are dressed in office wear when we go to work?
No, right? :)

Anyway, it's really up to one's opinions. If you don't like to wear makeup, don't.
General rule: Don't do anything that makes you very uncomfortable!

As for me, I LOVE MAKEUP! ♥♥♥
Even though I go au natural most of the time nowadays. Heh!


Barely-There Makeup with Ugly Hair
(Okay, enough said! >.<)

And so that's me with only a little bit of makeup left after a vigorious Zumba session.
(The Zumba instructor is so cute ya! Opps, haha!)
And I was too lazy to style my hair so I simply swept my fringe to the back and pinned it with my hair clip.


Full Makeup (with Fake Lashes) with Nicely Styled Fringe
(And wearing a simple, sweet white dress!)

And that's me with slightly heavier makeup than usual.. Plus fake lashes! (LOVE THEM.)
(Specially dolled up as I was attending the wedding dinner of Rae and Del!)

(Pardon the messy background. Opps.. LOL! Too exhausted after returning home from the wedding dinner.. >.<)
ANYWAY.. I looked so different right?
Super love my eye makeup here!


Basic Makeup with Nerdy Specs and Nicely Styled Bangs
(And super act cute pose.. LOL!)

Here's another photo of me.
With makeup but different hairstyle.

This was taken about 2 years ago.
Se said the photo didn't look like me at all.
But.. Yalah, This photo is way cuter than the current me!
*Rubbing my bruised ego.*

Never mind!
Maybe I should cut this hairstyle (fringe) again to prove him wrong then.. Haha!
Gin said I looked much better with bangs.

I want to look young and cute again!!

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