Thursday, June 25, 2015

Makan & Movie

Met up with Shuqi, Ah Li and Choy! 
(Too bad Chun Cheung was working so he couldn't join us.)

So lucky to have Shuqi as my animal buddy..
She always selflessly drives me to the places we wanna go and back to my home.
Especially lucky that our workplaces are so near!

On the way to Vivo City, she was telling me about this Animal Communication Workshop.
Whoa! I wanna go! So glad that she wants to go too!
(In fact, she was asking if I wanna go with her.)


Dinner at Marche

Aimed straight for my beloved steak.. Medium rare!

Our dinner.. :)

Haha, dinner was so enjoyable! Nice food and a lot of jokes and 'suanings'.. Heehee!


Movie... Minions!

One of our favorite scenes in the movie.. Haha!

Looking forward to meeting them again! ;)

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