Wednesday, March 30, 2016

God bless Cookie please!

My darling Cookie was still in very good shape after our walk..
But later I noticed her belly became very bloated like a drum!
She kept pacing and vomiting! 

As it turned out, my sis had let her had some leftover soup.
She probably ate too fast and too much?
It really scared me how a seemingly trivial thing can become a life threatening matter instantly!

*Screenshots taken from the videos I happened to take while she went for walks.

Her belly was super bloated and tight like it was going to burst anytime!

Her condition didn't improve after a few hours.
Felt so helpless to see her in such obvious discomfort.

Fortunately my sister decided to send her to the vet.
Thank God for answering my prayers!

(Photo from my mum's Facebook)

(Since they still had the mood to take photos, I guess my darling should be fine?)

My mum said the vet extracted a big bag of gases from Cookie's stomach.

Cookie still have to be hospitalized.
Hope she can come home tonight..


Do You Know..

Bloat is a very serious health risk for many dogs.
It is the second leading killer of dogs, after cancer.

If you believe your dog is experiencing bloat, please get your dog to a veterinarian immediately! Bloat can kill in less than an hour, so time is of the essence. Call your vet to alert them you're on your way with a suspected bloat case. Better to be safe than sorry!

Some links for more reading:


German Shepherd experiencing Bloat (GDV)

RIP Flash.

From the description of the video: 

Flash's prognosis was grave, and he was euthanized within minutes of filming this. 

The video was taken in hopes that even just 1 large-breed dog owner who is not familiar with the symptoms of bloat would watch this and be able to identify the symptoms and seek medical attention before it is too late.


Bloat- Dog Killer. What ALL dog owners need to know

Glad Hazel survived it!

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