Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Individual Assignment..♥

Life is full of surprises indeed!

The results for our individual results were released!
Was kinda nervous because I had totally no confidence in my essay!

Was wondering if I could even pass but then I saw..

20.. Out of 25?? ♥♥♥

(Opps, Urkund percentage is too high!
Submitted it as there were some technical issues so I couldn't view the percentage before I submitted my assignment.
But I was so lucky, they didn't check! Woohoo!)

Couldn't find much info or real life examples about Government portions leh!
Purposely wrote 1,600+ words because another tutor once told us to exceed a bit to maximise the word count as most tutors would give a bit of allowance.

But oh well, 20 marks!
Super satisfied already!!

(But I wonder why he only gave me 1 out of 2.5 marks for presentation though?)


Been a long while since I score so well for any academic stuff!
So missing the nerdy days when I was a top student in my class. Haha!


Okay, so I wasn't pretty during my (full-time) schooling days. 
Probably look like this but less cuter..? Haha!


Updated (today after class):

Tutor asked us (only his favorite ones, heehee) for our score.
Me: 20!
Him: Well done!

Wow, it's been so many years since I was last praised by a teacher. :3

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