Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Got A Scare!.

Got home and saw Cookie lying at her usual area instead of walking around the house.

She seemed to be very still.
Went to nudge her.. But she didn't wake up. Was she still breathing?
Continued nudging her.. Still no response.
After what feels like a long time.. She woke up!

Thank you God. Phew.

She still seemed tired though.

I hope her exhaustion is because someone brought her out earlier today.. 
Not because her health is deteriorating.


Fed her some treats.. Got good response.

Brought her out for a walk.. Got good response. 

Hmm.. She should be fine? 


Suddenly had the urge to take a lot of photos and videos of her!

She looks so cute and young here!


Taken when we got home after the walk. 

She totally ignored it even when I hanged my mookaite jasper bracelet on her!

No reaction.

Still no reaction..??
(Put it for a while just to test her reaction.)

Is she really okay..?

Nonetheless, I told myself to STAY POSITIVE!


Everything will turn out to be fine! :)

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