Thursday, March 17, 2016

KTV Session with Elise & Affy!

Finally took some time to blog about this!

Here goes!

10 Mar 2016 (Thursday)

Supposed to meet Jas honey for movie but she couldn't make it in the end.

Only left Elise and me.. And then I remembered that Affy wanted to meet us previously.
Just nice! We 3 can meet!


At the KTV..

Haven't seen Affy for a few years but we were perfectly comfortable hanging out together.

Took this photo after Elise took a (similar) photo of me singing. (Please see below.)

Elise's version!

Affy (who was busy singing) became our "backdrop".. Haha!

Photo stolen from Elise's Facebook..
FINALLY passed this to her after.. 7, 8 years?? LOL!


Photo of us after the KTV!
(Photo taken and edited by Elise.)

Me looking at the wrong place as usual.. Haha! Where's the camera?? Opps.

Noticed the green lights and Elise suggested that we take a ghostly photo.. LOL!
(Photo taken and edited by Elise.)

Her Facebook post.. Haha!

Hahaha.. Loves talking nonsense with her. LOL.


Back home~ 

Snapchat-ed! (Because I rarely doll up.. LOL!)

Oh, oh! I super love this new rabbit lace-y top!

Me and my darling Cookie love 
(Disclaimer, it's just the angle and color. I never make my face slimmer in the 2nd photo hor!)

One last snapchat before I go to bed.
(No editing. Haha, too lazy.)

It's been a long while since I had such fun!
Hope to meet up more with them!
So missing the good, old days.

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