Thursday, March 24, 2016

Visiting Auntie Lynda & Uncle Ben!

Invited to their lovely house for our Pork Knuckles Party.. Haha!

Orlene and I love their house so much!
Very nice ambience with soothing music.
We felt like we were in a spa resort in Bali!

Only took photo of this.. (Gotta respect their privacy lah!)
The rest of the house is very pretty too!

So envious! I want my future house to be so cosy too!

Our dinner!
Pork knuckles and Salad!

I love the salad! Auntie Lynda added mangoes because she knows I like them!

Uncle Ben gave thanks before we started eating.
Not a Christian or Catholic but I enjoyed listening.
Felt like he was giving a speech and I clapped when he was done.. Haha!
Just feel like doing it, don't know why either.


Later Auntie Lynda gave us a tour around her house.
Also shared with us about her previous work..
I must say she is a remarkable lady! 
She was so pretty when she was young! (Now still pretty, heh!)
Also discovered many talents of Uncle Ben!

So tempted to snap snap snap photos and write about them..
But I managed to control my urges. Haha!


Feels truly blessed to know them!
Very nice and loving people!

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