Friday, January 29, 2016

Enough is enough.

(This is not a poem but I just felt like writing it in this way.)

Once upon a time
There was a silly little girl
Who loved her family a lot
She would over-think
And think way way ahead
That one day her parents would die
And then her sisters
Or maybe she will die first
Everyone has to die eventually
No matter who dies first
They will all be separated eventually
Every time she thought of that
She would cry secretly
She hoped that the family can die together
So that they can always be together

(When I was young, I watched 富貴開心鬼. 
I was so envious because the whole family died together and they could go to the other world together.)

Back to the story..

The silly girl finally died

The End.


It's been many years and my heart never really revive.
In fact, it died more and more thoroughly each time some shit happens. Ha.


After yet another incident, I think I really have enough.
I don't have any hope for them anymore.

From helpless.. To despair.. To being cold.. And eventually, Oblivious. 
Haha, I'm free now. :)

Came across this today..

Sometimes I asked God
"Why? Why can't I have a loving family?"
Not born with one and unable to create my own because I never find a worthy good guy.
No matter how hard I tried.
And yet others who take everything for granted are blessed with good families and lovers.
Why, God, why?

But nonetheless I'm still grateful.
Because I have Cookie and Fluffy now!
And Mocha! She may have left us physically but she is still in my heart.
Thank you God.

Was chatting with Elise the other day
And she reminded me: We will be 34 this year!

Finally I can have my own place soon!
So looking forward to living ON MY OWN!

My future house shall be a place full of love, peace and positive vibes.

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