Monday, January 4, 2016

Cookie's Smile..❤️

Previously Cookie fell sick and she looked tired all the time..


At the Pet Hospital


Back at Home

She was discharged but she still wasn't smiling.. 

She was always tired and her body felt so weak.. Like she's gonna fall apart anytime!

The vet at the Pet Hospital had told me that she's not going to live past 18..
Simply because he has never seen any dog live beyond 18 years old.

Seeing how tired and weak she was, I really thought Cookie's days were numbered.. :'(

(Suddenly got a sense of deja vue while I was typing this part.)


And then.. Miracle happened!

Was.. Was that a SMILE??
(On our way to her 2nd acupuncture session!)

After just the 1st session, Cookie had seemed to be significantly better!
So I was really looking forward to the next session!

At Dr Oh's Clinic

Got to know about Dr Oh through Shuqi!
Check out all the acupuncture needles on her back!

After the 2nd session..

Cookie actually walked all the way to my room to sleep with me!! ❤️
(Something that she hadn't done for a long time since she fell sick!)

She looks so cute here.. My little baby! ❤️


And then on another day..

Finally saw her happy face again! ❤️

And then on another day.. Christmas eve, to be exact..
SHE SMILED that cute little smile which I love so much. ❤️

Isn't she sweet?? ❤️

Yesterday she could even go swimming! Haha!


Unexpectedly I benefited as well, because Dr Oh saw me and offered to treat me.
Having experienced it for myself, I can only say one word: AMAZING.

So I'm feeling quite hopeful that he can help to improve Cookie's health as well!

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