Friday, January 29, 2016

Money, where did you go?

Just got my salary and ahhh... It's gone.
Haha, oh well, most of it.

But the good thing is, I paid my study loanS, ALL my billS and still have enough to (barely) survive until the next payday. 
Praying hard that I don't have anymore unexpected expenses like the past few months!

Can't wait to graduate and finish repaying my study loans! 
I want to start saving that sum of money for my future house every month!

Hang in there! 


Can't help feeling ashamed that I don't have a sum of significant savings at the age of 33 (34 after my birthday this year.)
I sure wish that someone taught me about the CORRECT concept of money and saving up when I was younger! Lost count of the times I regretted not saving up when I was young and my parents and Cookie were still healthy!

Too late for regrets.. I can only start bucking up NOW!

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