Sunday, January 3, 2016

First Workout for 2016!

Almost didn't happen. LOL.

Well, it looked like it was about to rain..
And even though it hadn't rain yet, it was very cooling!\
Best weather for sleeping!
And my bed felt extra comfy..
And Fluffy looked extra cute until I wanted to keep looking at him..
(Excuses excuses! Haha!)

Was so tempted to skip the session!
But yet, I know I would enjoy it and I would thank myself later!

In my heart:

Figured that if I want to go, I need to leave my house by 11.30am.
Which meant that I needed to make my decision SOON.

Just when I thought the Devil is rejoicing..
the Angel suddenly powered up

I didn't know why but I suddenly felt the urge to go!

And I actually just got dressed (anyhow) and left the house.. Still wearing my spectacles!
(Normally I always insist on wearing contact lenses because spectacles kinda get in the way whenever I exercise.)

Was expecting myself to be late.. But surprise! I was right on time!
The previous class ended late so my class started slightly later too. LOL!

Unsurprisingly, I had an awesome time!
So glad that I went in the end!

(And secretly thankful that I managed to survive the session!
Been a while since I last joined the classes.. Stamina dropped already!)

This describes how I felt right after my class~
Love the filming style.. But I can't help laughing at my flat chest! HAHA!
No one is perfect, you know!


Thanks to my colleagues, I know how take better care of myself now!

Used to fall sick heavily each time I started exercising.. 
I always thought God is trying to sabotage my fitness plans!

Until my colleagues (especially Jenny!) analysed my situation, explained why it happened and gave me good advice!

My body is 'cold', according to TCM's school of thought.
Hence, after exercising, I would quickly wear my windbreaker to protect myself.
(Even if I'm feeling hot and sweating profusely!)
Apparently when I sweat a lot, it's extra easy for me to catch a cold!


My current KpopX Instruction.. Alvin! 
(He's normally not as serious as this during class.)

It's really a good deal to have Alvin as instructor because you can learn to dance as well!
His dance moves are so cool and stylo milo! 
(Even if you fail to 偷师, you can still enjoy his 'live' performances.. Haha!)

Wow, I didn't know he teach Zumba as well!
(Yeah, that's how he is during class.. So engaging!)


Wrote something in Facebook to

But of course, KpopX Fitness is so fun and enjoyable because of

This is not a sponsored post. Lol!

Seriously I have said this many, many times..
Maddy is really the cutest, funniest and more energetic instructor I've ever seen!
She may look playful, she's also very devoted with her work too!

Click here to check out the revised moves!

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