Sunday, December 6, 2015

Freedom at last!

Exam's finally over..!! 

But instead of feeling relieved, I'm feeling sick now. Hands are still icy cold too! 
Kinda nauseous and my chest feels tight too.
Having a headache as well!

Previously I was quite confident that I can pass. After all, I only need to get 10 out of 40. 
Now.. I am not sure.. But I wrote 4 pages.. Should be able to get 10 marks??

Don't know if it was because I stressed myself too much. Or because I am not used to bringing cheat sheet in? Feels so strange to be "copying"..

Had a mental block and it took me a good half hour before I decided to do Qn 2. 
But after writing 1 page, I decided to do Qn 1 instead! Oh nooo..

Just now I almost wanted to give up because there was barely half hour left, my hand was aching and I still had about questions that are worth 20 points not done yet!!

Really took me a lot of mind power to focus and scribble in crazy speed..

Well, I tried my best. I hope I can pass..!!! 


Slowly calming down by the time I wrote until here.. Heehee! 

Still worried about the result but worrying won't confirm my pass lah! 
If I already can pass, aren't I worrying for nothing?

Shall go and get my M1 SIM card now~~ 
Can't wait to start using my new iPhone FULLTIME! 
(Currently I can only use it when there is wifi because it has no SIM card yet.)

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