Tuesday, December 15, 2015

My love, my little baby

The things I took for granted in the past: Cookie running as fast as the wind; her eating her food and still eyeing mine; her pestering me whenever it was raining (she was scared of rainy days) or when she wanna me to bring her out for walks; I had to minimise my movements whenever she was asleep because she would wake up at the slightest sounds.. 

Now, I am grateful that she still walks, even though she wobbles a little; I hope she can eat something every day (When I stroke her, I can feel her bones and hardly much flesh.. She used to be so fat!); every time she comes to my room is always a pleasant surprise for me; many times my heart almost stop because she didn't wake up even after I nudge her! Words can't express how grateful I am whenever she wakes up..

Sigh, time flies. How did 18 years pass by so fast.. How I wish she can live as long as us. So afraid to be away from her for too long in case I am not around when I should be. But I must say, thank God for letting her stay with us until now and in such good health (for her age)! That alone makes me feel that my life is perfect and it's perfectly okay if I don't have wealth, fame, blissful marriage or whatever. :)

Gonna try and fatten her up a little! Wish me luck!!

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