Thursday, December 24, 2015

A meaningful transaction

Posting the Ad in Carousell

Previously I posted this pair of leg warmers (the type that Jap school girls usually wear) in Carousell.
Had these for ages but I never wear them at all so I decided to sell them. 
(Getting too old for such cute stuff anyway, LOL!)

Uploaded the post in Carousell and within the same night, someone offered to buy them.


Meeting Up with the Seller

She mentioned about being in a wheelchair. Was kinda puzzled.. 
Why would she wanna buy this kind of socks for fashion when she cannot walk?
Thought maybe her legs' problem were just temporary. 

Nonetheless, I decided to go the extra mile and meet her at the station of her convenience instead. 


Met up and was surprised that "she" turned out to be a guy

Well.. That was... unexpected.

Nonetheless, I didn't want to judge him or whatever. (I am brought up well, LOL!) 
I'm sure he has his reasons and I shouldn't jump to conclusion.

I didn't ask but he was pretty friendly and chatty and took the initiative to explain why he bought them.
Turned out that he didn't buy them because he was vain.
He told me that his legs feel cold at night and hence, suffers from cramps. 
He had been searching and couldn't find leg warmers anywhere.. Until he saw my post!

He also apologized to me for making me meet him despite the weather condition. 
(Actually I didn't even notice since I was in the MRT train and reading my e-book all the way.. Haha!)
I don't blame him at all since he was the one who got wet.. Not me.
And I felt kinda bad that he had to travel in his wheelchair IN THE RAIN!

What a nice guy! Still so cheerful and patient despite his leg problems!
I sure hope God will bless him and improve his leg condition.. 
If it's not possible, may he enjoy good health (in other areas) and have a happy life!

Nice chatting with him. :)


Random Thoughts

After talking to him briefly, I suddenly I felt so fortunate to have a normal life.
I've taken my 2 legs for granted all these while.. 
Always not using them much (lazing in bed, taking buses) instead of making full use of my legs to walk / run.. 
And always grumble over "long distances" or "troublesome to travel" to places.. 惭愧惭愧啊!

Anyway, I'm so glad I am be of some help! (The socks are brand new and I sold them to him at half price.) 
Very happy that the socks are going to be used for a meaningful cause.

Hope these can help him and end his cramps at night!

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