Sunday, December 20, 2015

God give me more strength please!

Feeling so shagged and weak after visiting Cookie.
So focused on her until I was so close to this ex female actress but I didn't recognize her at all.
(Apparently Cookie is more 识货 than me because she walked over to her to let her pet.) 

Oh, and I just remember that I haven't eaten anything for the whole afternoon.
(No wonder I feel weak now.. Haha!)

Dozed off in the bus like a pig and woke up just in time to alight at my stop. 

She can be discharged tomorrow morning! But the battle is not over yet!!
Let's create another miracle together again!

Many thanks to all the encouraging words from everyone!
Glad that I don't have to go to the pet hospital and see animals being sick after Cookie comes home tomorrow.
My fragile heart cannot take it..

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