Friday, February 9, 2018


It's been a long while since I last fell sick.. And this time I am actually sick since Nov 2017!!

Been sick for so long until I felt so frustrated and yet I couldn't do anything much about it. Eating medicine, vitamins and visiting doctors repeatedly also didn't seem to help much!


Not sure if it's because my body's weaker (slacked on my diet and exercise.. opps!) or simply because my company's doctors are lousy. Suddenly became very sick last Friday until I had to go back early! Despite seeing the doctor, eating the medicine and resting in bed over the weekends, I didn't get better. In fact, I started to have difficulties in taking deep breaths!!

Was so worried that I decided to visit my own doctor (which means not fully subsidized by my company) on Monday. After taking just the first dose of medicine, I felt A LOT better. Thank God! By now, I think I'm going to be fully recovered soon! Phew!


Plans for Healthier Lifestyle ahead!

1. Cook for myself more often
√ DIY lunch in office
√ Home-cooked for Zai and me

2. Increase activity level
√ Daily walks for Zai
√ Resume my KpopX Fitness classes

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