Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Ideas for Food Art!

Gonna go Gean's house for CNY gathering this Saturday!
I can see my daughter in law again!! Woohoooo~


Suddenly I got this idea to do a simple food art! 

So I went to do some online search and found these:

Look like Mei Mei? Heehee!

But hmm.. Would it be hard to arrange cauliflowers eh?

Then I saw this! 

So cute! That's rice? Rice is probably much easier to mould the shape hor?

Oooh! This looks like Mei Mei !

(And it seems easier to make? Haha!)

And then I saw this!

Is it too ambitious to make Mei Mei and Zai 鸳鸯戏水 inside the curry? Heehee!

And then I saw this!!

So cute! I want to make for Ju!! LOL!

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