Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Buy Buy Buy!

Lately I've been spending so much money on myself until I am feeling a bit worried!
Ipad Pro & accessories, Zi Wei Dou Shu Reading, Black Spinel Bracelet, Black Tournament Stone, CNY clothes for Zai and presents for my JRM friends who have been nice to me, Birthday treat for my Kor.. Etc.

But I gotta admit, I've been really happy! Haha!

It's been a long while since I spent this much money!
Can't help wondering if I would get a shock when my next credit card bill comes?? *Fingers crossed!*

Anyway, no point worrying now. Just gotta behave and not splurge unnecessarily from now on!

But nonetheless, today I ordered this pair of branded earphones!

Sennheiser CX 213

It's also available in pink.. So pretty!!

But oh well, since the fengshui master advised me to cut down on shades of red, I ordered the blue one. (In the midst of gradually transforming my world from pink to blue and green now. Haha!) And besides.. Although both are of the same brand and model, the blue one costs $19 with free delivery while the pink one costs $70+.. What??

Previously I've been too stingy so I always got those cheapo earphones from BKK or China. Ended up the sound quality is bad and they get spoilt so fast! Missed listening to songs with good earphones so I decided to invest a bit of money in a proper pair this time!


Totally forgot to order Steffi's birthday present because I forgot Taobao will be closed for CNY until late February.. Darn! Ordered some stuff for her via Shopee just now. Delivery takes about a month supposedly.. But I wonder if that would be the case since the items are probably from China. 

China = Rest for CNY

But I guess I can always bring her out first and give her the presents later. Heh!

Can't wait to see her reaction! I think she will like the stuff that I got for her! (I think the others will like them too.. Hahaha!)

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