Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Praying before CNY!

Took leave as Ting Ting was going to be born today!
But ended up, we couldn't get to see her as she had some infection and she had to stay inside the intensive ward. Hope she'll be okay!

Went to my usual temple to bai tai sui but oops! Noob me!
I was told that I can only start praying after CNY. Haha.. Nonetheless, just pray lah!


Popped by here, which is just beside my usual temple.

Not sure if it was just coincidence.. When I was rather desperate, I went to pray at my usual temple, the temples nearby and then one day I noticed this! (Funny how I never spot this during my 4 YEARS working in FHI..) Wrote my wish just for fun and perhaps to give myself a little hope? Not long after, it actually came true! Not 100% but 90%? It was like a miracle to me!

Thank you! :)

But of course, I am also grateful to all the other deities who have watched over me all these while too~

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