Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Recce! ❤

Went to recce the flat that I'm eyeing..

It's nicer as compared to the time when I went to view it for the first time. 
Probably because it was raining when I went there previously.
Plus there were others around so I couldn't feel the vibes (haha!) there.

Isn't the view pretty? 

Well, it's facing the road so there are bound to have some noise.
But I'm okay with that noise level. 
Besides, there are 2 bus stops which make it very convenient for me to travel around!


Was sneakily checking out the place when a super friendly auntie happened to come out of her house.
She asked if I was going to move in here. (I SURE WISH!)
As it turned out, she is staying just beside the unit that I'm planning to get.
Think she'll make a nice neighbour.. I hope!


Just cancel my HLE and reapplied a new one yesterday.
Hoping for the best! *Fingers crossed!*

I really, super love it. Have a good feel about the place. ;)

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