Tuesday, June 7, 2016

In loving memory of my darling Cookie

Sometimes I really have to believe that life is pre-destined. 
And I should always have faith. 
No matter how lousy things may seemed to me at that point in time, they turn out to be for the better. 

For example, last Saturday I woke up early and left the house early.. 

But yet ridiculously, it took more than half hour for me to wait for the bus and reach AMK interchange. 
(It only takes me around 15 mins to walk over.) 
Was quite annoyed because I would be late for class and eventually I decided to skip it.


THANK GOD I skipped it. 

Because of that, I was able to see Cookie smiling contentedly and peacefully..
While she's alive for the last time.

I felt truly fortunate.. Thought she was already gone.
But I put my hands on her chest, she was still breathing slightly.
Her body was soft, eyes were glassy and her paws were weak.
I know her time was going to be up.
I whispered in her ears, "I love you forever, baby girl.. Don't be scared, my heart will always be with you."


Bibi girl,

Thank you for waiting for me to come back from Japan.
You specially came to my room to sleep with me.

And that was our last snuggling session together in bed.

You started feeling sick the next day.
That same night, you were looking uncomfortable.
But when I carried you in my arms, you suddenly turned to me and smile.

Much later, I realized that these were the special memory moments that you specially gave me.
Because you knew you were leaving and you wanted me to know you'll be fine.
And to assure me that you know I love you, and that you love me too.
I don't know why, but your smile tells me all that. 

Because of your smile, I could accept your leaving better.
I know you are not scared and in fact, you seemed to look forward to it.
In fact, I sensed that you were happy and contented.

Thank you for everything, bibi girl.
Grateful to you for staying healthy most of your life until the first scare you gave us when you were 15.
They asked us to put you to sleep. They said you won't ever recover.
But time and again, you created miracles despite all odds.
Not only did you live, you lived happily for 3 more years.

Even towards the end, you gave me a chance to say goodbye and tried to make sure I'll be fine.
You will always be my most beloved girl.

I will always remember that the bravest, cutest and most amazing JRT loves me with all her heart.

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