Thursday, June 9, 2016

Shrek the Musical @ MBS

Thanks to my brother-in-law, I got to watch this last night!

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Would love to share photos / videos taken by me but alas, no photography is allowed!


Nonetheless, here's what I love about my experience!

The Friendly Staff

My sister went to collect the booster seats with Leroy while I headed to the theater with Steffi and Stacci.
Along the way, 3 staff offered to guide us to the theatre and they also asked if I need booster seats!
Quite impressed that the staff were so attentive, thoughtful and they took the initiative to assist us!

Upon reaching the theatre, there were staff to guide us to our seats as well!

(I'm so used to finding my own seat until I felt so spoonfed by the amount of assistance I received along the way.. Haha!)

Beautiful Theatre, Comfortable Seats

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Thanks to the lovely environment, we literally sat back and enjoyed the show!

The Musical

Spoiler Alert..? Haha, I try not to reveal too much!

It''s pretty amazing to see the characters coming alive and dancing / singing right before our very eyes.
I may be in my thirties but I guess there's always a little kid within every adult. Especially me, heh!

 <- I probably looked like this during the musical, haha!

Just before the show started, Leroy actually asked me to swap seats with him because he felt that I had a better view!
Eh.. I was just sitting right beside him though.. Haha, faint!

The kids were really captivated and surprisingly, they were so quiet throughout the show..  Except to ask me for water at times! I actually checked on them a few times, thinking they might have dozed off!
(Whoa! Are they really the same kids who keep asking me random questions nonstop whenever we watch movies??)

When we were having a short break, Stacci asked me when's Shrek and Fiona going to get married. Haha! And during Fiona's (unsuccessful) wedding with Lord Farquaad, Steffi pointed to the setting (fake) sun and whispered to me, "Ah Mai, you see! The sun is going down! She's going to turn into ogre!"

Backdrops and Props.. Magic??

It did feel like magic! One moment they were in the swamp.. The next moment they could be in the forest.. Or even in the church or castle! Amazed at how fast those were changed and yet still looked so beautiful and magical! Love how they combined projected moving graphics with real life props to create a more realistic yet fantasy-ish feel!

Super love the castle where Fiona stayed! (Suddenly feeling like a small girl again, reliving my old princessy fantasies!)

The Finale

Not gonna be a spoiler here but do stay in your seats for the finale song!
You won't regret it!!!


It was a fun night for us adults and the kids indeed!

But I must say, it was also pretty torturous for me..
So many cute characters, so many beautiful backdrops and props..


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