Monday, May 16, 2016

Fun at Pororo Park Singapore!

My sis and bro-in-law needed my help to watch over the kids so I got the chance to tag along with them yesterday.. 

(I'm still a kid at heart. Kekeke!)

Basically the highlights are all in this video.. So just watch lah!

Definitely a fun place to bring your kids along!


Warning for Parents (or Aunts / Uncles / Ah Gong / Ah Ma... Etc)

1. Your kid(s) will run all over the place.. So you will run all over the place too!

2. You will get mini heart attacks because you will 'lost' them at times.
Fortunately they always reappear out of nowhere!

3. You will lose your voice.
Especially when it's time to go home.. Because they simply "cannot" hear you!
They love the place too much!


But seriously though, parents should really make their kids rest for a while after eating.
Not advisable to let them resume playing immediately after their meal! 
Ideally, don't let the kids eat too much.

Reason being..
When we were there, I heard there a kid vomited.
Stacci and Leroy also vomited a bit because they spun too much at one of the stations.
But.. After they finished vomiting, THEY STILL WANTED TO PLAY.

Oh my gosh.. T.T

Ended up watching them spin and spin for at least another half an hour until even I felt dizzy too. @.@
But they looked so happy until I didn't have the heart to make them go home.

The journey home in the cab was so unusually peaceful and quiet.
All of them fell asleep once they boarded the cab. Hahaha!

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