Sunday, June 26, 2016

"What Kind of Me Do I Wanna Be?"

Every now and then, I would ask myself that.
So.. What kind of Me do I wanna be?

Hmm.. Let me see.. 


I do miss the old me, in terms of my looks and figure.
(Okay, I'm superficial.. But I'm a Libra so I'm born to appreciate beauty. Heh!)

Recap - Photos taken in 2012:



Even without makeup, I still look quite cute hor? *Ahems!* Heh!

Hardly post selfies online these days.

Well, I don't think I changed much except I'm fatter now (sob sob)..
Other than that, somehow I feel I am older too?

Photos taken in 2016: 


Okay okay, so I know looking older is inevitable since the photos were taken 4 years apart!
(Gosh! How fast time flies!)
But still, I miss the past, cuter version of me!

How can I be cute and youthful again?

During recent years, I actually slack A LOT on maintaining my appearance.
Everyday I go out without makeup, wore my super old spectacles and simply clip my fringe, revealing my super high forehead. Oh, and I always wear my flip flops.
My colleagues commented that I looked so auntie-ish!

Since I came back from my recent Japan trip, I'm happy to say that I've improved a lot.

Hope I can keep up the good work ya! ;)

But.. but.. I've slacked on my weight management routine.
Urgh! Why is it so hard to slim down and stay slim??

Just bought a slimming gadget.. Hope it helps!
If it works, I will share with you all okay? Heehee!


Finding back the previous childlike, kind and silly me.

Well, I think I can actually be childlike and kind again.
But probably not be silly again.
My past experiences have made me wiser and stronger.
I do love my current self now.

Everything happens for a reason.
I believe my past experiences happen to toughen me up and help me grow up.
Used to be very upset all the time..
But now, I feel released.

Thank you God.

Used to explore spirituality and meditation, etc.
Have stopped doing that for ages.
Recently, with Cookie's passing.. I desperately wanted to connect with her.

So I shall start exploring spirituality again!

Was chatting with Sharon and she was sharing her experiences with her deceased dog.
I am so jealous!
Wish I can be as spiritually receptive as her too!

(Cookie baby, I miss you so much!
How can I see, hear, smell or feel you again!!
Who can help me.. =\)


Just to summarize.. 

I wanna be: 

- Pretty and youthful (while I can!)
- Regain my former weight and body fats percentage!
- More spiritual
- More happy
- More kind

Oh! Apart from those mentioned above, I also hope to:

- Chat with others more
- Do some charity work
- Study more (2 more modules to go, yay!!)

Thanks to Cookie, I was invited to join this JRT Facebook group.
From there, I knew some friends and got invited to a few more groups.

It feels like I've finally found people like me! Haha!
Okay, so I am normal after all.
In fact, I am not as passionate as many of them.
Really admire the efforts they put in for animals!

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