Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Infinite Challenge EP 477 (Funny!)

Can't stop laughing when I saw..

But at the same time, I also feel happy for them.
After disbanding for 16 years, they finally perform again!

They are only a few years older than me but yet I never knew about them.. 
Especially when they were so popular in the music industry!
Many nice songs! And ooh they look so cool in their costumes!

Like them almost instantly from the previous episode 476. 
Felt happy for them when they start to get better responses from the crowds in episode 477.. 
And LOL-ed when the overly excited fan dashed to hug one of them.. Hahaha! 

Looking forward to the next episode!


And I just confirmed that I am in love..
..with Sung Hoon! ♥♥

(Already attracted to him since I saw episode 476!)

Heart melted by his sweet vocals and his cute smile~~

How I wish I can meet a guy like him in MY real life!

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