Sunday, May 8, 2016

熹妃传.. The Game

Met up with Elaine and Lynn the other day and they introduced me to this game.. 熹妃传!

Wanted to blog about this game but was too busy (same old excuse as always.. opps!).
Finally gonna blog NOW and by now, my rank has reached 贵人 and my level is 50 already!

Love how the imperial edict appears whenever I am promoted!


Lynn sent us a screenshot.. Her character is 皇贵妃 already!


Introducing my "husband" in the game.. Haha!

Lynn told me that this game is based on a novel so I went to download it.
Boy, super long! Still reading it.. Probably like 1/3 through only??
Feels a bit like a combination of 武媚娘 and 甄嬛传 though!

The story line in the game is slightly different though.
Some of the names are different too. For example, the emperor's name.

Also, this scene (referring to the screenshot above) is taken from the novel.
In the novel, 凌若 met 康熙 and the latter liked her because she resembles someone special to him.
To cut the story short, some jealous woman gave her away to 康熙's son (胤禛) because she knew that she is threat to her position. Tsk tsk.

But in this game, 康熙 and 胤禛 are merged into 慕凌辰..

Oh well.



Here's another game bf of mine. Haha!
Created another male character because Lynn said being married (in the game) has some benefits.


Level and closeness are not high enough so in the meantime..
We can only be friends. Haha!

..And greet / visit each other at times..


That awkward moment when my 2 characters met each other in a battle.. Haha!

..Or met when we go fishing!


Speaking of which, other than those mini games mentioned previously, there are also..

Dressing Up

They will give you a scenario and asked you to dress up the character accordingly.

Planting Crops

Whatever you grow here can be cooked in another game.


Opps, not enough ingredients to cook!


That's all for now!
I'm still in the midst of exploring so I can't share much either.
Just download it and explore if you are curious!
It's free anyway.. Heehee!

So far I think this game is pretty user friendly and interesting!
Considering that it is FREE, I say it's really great!
Even if you don't spend real money to make in-game purchase, you can still play.
But of course if you buy the credits, you can get better followers (随从) which will increase your combat abilities lah!

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