Friday, April 15, 2016

DOTS: Sweet Romance ♥

The show is finally over!

Started the show later (purposely) and guess what?
The last episode was subbed and aired right after the night I had watched the second last episode! 
Woohoo! Got so 准 or not? Haha!

Glad that it ended at such a good timing.
Easier for me to focus on my revision for my upcoming exams!
(Plus it started to become draggy towards the end.
Ending was a happy one but it was kinda abrupt to me though.)


A quick recap of some of the sweet scenes that I really enjoyed watching..
(Not from the last episode. Honestly I didn't find much sweet scenes there. Bleahz.)

Aww~~ This is such a beautiful picture. 

When watching this part, I was like, "OMG THIS IS IT! AT LAST!"

If only guys can bother to make kiss a little bit more romantic..
Life would be so much sweeter~


This part happens after Mo Yeon's recording of her "last words" were accidentally broadcasted.
(Omg, that is so embarrassing. Poor lady! >.<)

Aww.. SO SWEET. ♥♥

And that's not all.. 

Dear God, please send me a guy like THAT.
I will be thankful to you every single day for the rest of my life.


This is another couple that I really like..

Dr Song and Nurse Ha!



Was hoping that they will get married in the end but they didn't leh!

Would love to see more of their love story!
Love how he gets jealous and tries to impress her every now and then.

So sweet that Dr Song had been secretly in love with Nurse Ha for the past 20 years!

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