Friday, November 13, 2015

I ukulele-ed! ♥

Went JB with Elise the other day.. AT LAST!

Was searching for my contact lenses when we chanced upon a shop that sells instruments..

Been wanting to buy one for ages so that I can start learning it.
Yes, it is a #NewChallengeForMyself
(Previously I challenged myself to learn cycling.. And I did it! )

Initially I wanted to buy a cheap one to try, in case I give up.. Heh!
But after reading some advices online, i decided to buy a better one.
No point buying a cheap one with poorer sound quality right?
Knowing myself, I'll probably be less motivated to learn it!

And so..

Presenting my new 'family member'.. 小乐乐! 
Isn't she beautiful!! So is her "voice"! 

Bought it for about RM210.. Love her!
Her body is made of wood (instead of plastic) with aquila strings.
And it comes with a bag too!

Fingers are sore, red (sometimes a little purple) and even a bit swollen.
But the music is so beautiful that I just wanna keep playing it!

Had this strong feeling that I will keep trying until I've learnt it..
Even if my fingers bleed!


So I started watching Youtube tutorials and practising it on my own.

SO HARD to memorize the chords and change them accordingly!
My fingers feel so clumsy! So gonna keep practising!


Started by solely learning basic chords.. Which I soon felt bored. 
Decided to learn chords by learning to play songs.

1st song that I started learning.. 小幸运!

This lady teaches well but I can't catch up with her speed.. >.<
(I will come back to her video later when I'm more zai.. Lol!)


Found this! Another good teacher and her speed is more noob-friendly.. Haha!
But I still haven't learnt it though.. Practise practise!

Omg, that Bb chord!!! *SULKS*


And then I decided.. Maybe I should be less ambitious and learn a super simple song first..

Tada! Simple and a song that needs to be sung several times in a year! LOL!

This guy teaches quite well but he talks so much about his sister's birthday. Gosh!
Advice: Skip to 3:39 if you just want to learn how to play the song!

After learning the simple version, I decided to learn a harder version!


This version feels 'richer' compared to the simple one.. I like!

After learning the simple version, this is quite easy to learn.
But I still need to practise more to play it fluently though!


Playing the ukulele is A LOT harder than I expected!!

Sometimes I wonder, 
How can people remember sooo many chords and notes??
How is it even possible to do certain chords??
How can the fingers be placed like that!!?
The person who invented ukulele is a genius indeed!!!

But after practising, it does actually seem easier.. WOW!?
And being able to play ANYTHING (haha) feels absolutely amazing! 
(Initially, I didn't even know how to place my fingers properly!!)

Hopefully after A LOT of practice, I can finally play the ukulele like a pro!
Although that's not going to happen anytime soon.. Haha!

I don't know.. 1 year? 2 years?

Fortunately, I think I really love it.
Have been practising it for at least 1 hour daily..
(In fact, sometimes I played for 2, 3 hours without realising it!)
Although my fingers hurt, I hardly notice it too.

In return for beautiful music, this little pain is nothing~ :)

Hope I can be good in playing ukulele eventually! 

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